Canggu Surf Photos

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kids surf in Canggu Photos

Photos of surf activiities in Canggu. Local people and foreginers enjoy to surf on Canggu beach. Click the images for more pictures! Find more information about Canggu accommodation here.

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Echo Beach Canggu

echo beach cangguEcho beach is a popular vacation destination. Tourists come from all over the world just to come and stay around Echo beach in Canggu.

Echo Beach Canggu

Golfing in Canggu

canggu golfThere are many fantastic golf courses and golf resorts around the world. One of the best golf course in the world can be found near from Canggu beach in an area called Tanah Lot which is around 15 minutes drive from Canggu area.

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beach surf of canggu

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